Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Need help with Botany & Zoology?

Bot and Zoo in one picture. An Arachnid lies in its leaf hammock. Photo: Ryan Pearson
Just in case any of my fellow classmates are actually reading this and find my writings useful. I figured I'd centralise all of my 1602ENV Botany & Zoology related blogs into one post. If nothing else they may give you a break from the monotony of the lecture notes.

So, here they are. Please leave me a comment below if you do actually find this useful or entertaining (writing them certainly helps me remember it all).

1. Phylum Mollusca
2. Radiata - the Jellyfish
3. The worms! Useful ways to remember which is which
4. Plants - A broad overview
5. The Primate Groups
6. Amphibians and Algae
7. Plant nutrient transport

Happy studying!

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