Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Photos - Gold Coast Seaway, Night dive. 25th October, 2011

 Some of the pics from an epic night dive on the South West Wall of the Gold Coast Seaway.
Euprymna tasmanica. Ryan Pearson

An Amazing Night in the Gold Coast Seaway

Papuan Cuttlefish. Sepia papuensi. Ryan Pearson
By Ryan Pearson.
Prep was hectic for this night dive, I procrastinated too much in the arvo, and then couldn’t find everything I needed when I tried to pack it all up in a rush. I’d decided that I wouldn’t take my camera because it seemed like too much effort at the time, and I didn’t have batteries for my focus light. But in the process of packing the car, I found a whole packet of fresh batteries and decided fate was telling me I should take my camera… so I did, and I sure didn’t regret it!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Photoshop fun!

I was totally not in the mood for uni work the other day (after my lovely girlfriend DD bought me some ciders at the pub for lunch) so I decided to be completely unproductive and play around a little on Photoshop. Combining a pic of a grey nurse shark I took at south solitary island, and a pic DD took of me in India a few years back (I only used this pic because it was the only one I could find where I was on the right angle, and had my legs sufficiently separated) I created the piece you see below. A little cheeky, I know, but I'm really happy with the result :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Uh Oh... Another Shark Attack.

By Ryan Pearson

A Grey Nurse Shark. One of my 'friends' at Sth Solitary Island. Photo: Ryan Pearson
Like everyone out there, no matter their stance on sharks, I hate hearing about this new attack. This is horrific news, but it’s horrific news on both sides of the argument. Not only for the poor guy that was taken, his family, dive buddies, and friends, but also for all the sharks in W.A. waters. This ‘piece of journalism’ is filled with so much propaganda and lies that it's no wonder people are scared of sharks.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Can we breathe underwater…please?

By Ryan Pearson
WHAT!? Are you CRAZY? This isn’t bloody Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire we’re talking about. Of course humans can’t breathe underwater… not without a tank or compressor and a regulator at least.” Sure, I agree, this is a perfectly reasonable response to such a preposterous question… for now.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How to make a good impression at a party… Radiata Style

By Ryan Pearson
A Jellyfish in the Philippines. Ryan Pearson
Everyone loves jelly shots at a party, so why not become a jelly to impress a new group of people? Well, figuratively that is. Despite being very simple, rudimentary even, on the inside, and having a see-through personality, you too could make the right impressions at the next event you attend. Just take inspiration from those crazy party animals with radial symmetry and follow this simple guide.

A Reasonably Healthy Love For Sharks - Part 2

By Ryan Pearson
Previously I told you about how I came to have this deep love and respect for sharks. The thing is, the only reason I felt the need to tell you that is because I need all of you to understand where I’m coming from, and to move your thought processes at least some distance in the same direction. I titled this post ‘A reasonably healthy love for sharks’ for a reason… I believe some shark enthusiasts go too far.

A Reasonably Healthy Love For Sharks - Part 1

By Ryan Pearson
Before I get into the real reason I wanted to write this story (shark conservation), let me start by telling you a bit about how I developed the mindset I currently find myself in. As a result, this story will be in two parts… Part 1 begins now...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Phylum Mollusca: An Invertebrate Super-Villain

By Ryan Pearson
Ever heard of Dr. Octopus? Well he was spawned from this diverse phylum of invertebrate animals with some crazy super powers of their own. The thing is, he wasn’t entirely accurate in the comic books, and in reality a super-villain from this phylum could be much, much scarier if the authors did their research.