Monday, 24 October 2011

Photoshop fun!

I was totally not in the mood for uni work the other day (after my lovely girlfriend DD bought me some ciders at the pub for lunch) so I decided to be completely unproductive and play around a little on Photoshop. Combining a pic of a grey nurse shark I took at south solitary island, and a pic DD took of me in India a few years back (I only used this pic because it was the only one I could find where I was on the right angle, and had my legs sufficiently separated) I created the piece you see below. A little cheeky, I know, but I'm really happy with the result :)
Me, SharkRider, 28m below, still completely dry and needing no breathing aparatus. Still with Nelapese Man-bag. Photos. Ryan Pearson and Diana Virkki. Photoshop. Ryan Pearson
PS. That's DD you see in the scuba gear on the left. She can't believe how awesome I am either :P

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