Monday, 7 November 2011

My Favourite Underwater Pics So Far

This is a handful of the shots I consider the best I've taken underwater so far. They're not all technically fabulous, but they either have personality, feature a cool critter, or actually are technically sound. I hope you enjoy. The one below was my favourite photo taken during last years Sundive Photo Shoot Out 2011. It didn't win any awards, but I really liked it then and I still love it today.
A Hingebeak Shrimp. Julian Rocks, Byron Bay. Photo: Ryan Pearson
This next one was taken on my first and only trip out to Brisbane's Flinders Reef, located off the tip of Moreton Island. The day was incredible, 40m+ vis, no swell, no current, and amazing corals everywhere. I strongly recommend trying to get out there if you haven't already. I love this photo because it shows a lot of the curious personality of most marine turtles.

Green Turtle at Flinder's Reef. Photo: Ryan Pearson
The grey nurse sharks are another favourite subject of many underwater photographers around this area. This one below is my favourite shot I've taken of a GNS (or three). It's not the classic shot from below with a sunburst behind it that many like to get, but I think that's one of the main reasons I love it. Taken on one epic dive at South Solitary Islands with 30+ metres vis, and lots and lots of sharks around.
A seemingly pregnant grey nurse shark at South Solitary Island. Photo: Ryan Pearson
My photo selection wouldn't be complete without some inclusions from my most frequented dive site... the Gold Coast Seaway. This one is up there for obvious reasons I think. The details in the hair on this anemone hermit crab are great. And on night dives recently these guys have been more than happy to hang about to let me get some beautiful shots.
Anemone Hermit Crab in the Gold Coast Seaway. Photo: Ryan Pearson
Another one from the seaway is this pic I got into the top 100 of Underwater Festival this year. Amazingly it wasn't my favourite shot I entered, but it was the only one that made it into the top 100. I can see why, but I liked a different one better. I'll tell you about that a little but later. I got this guy on a night dive in the Seaway, and it appears that they don't like light, because on numerous occasions with this species, they have withdrawn their gills as soon as my focus light hit them. That's why there's no gills visible.

Nudibranch. Obscure hypselodoris in the Gold Coast Seaway.Photo: Ryan Pearso
This was another one of my entries into Underwater Festival 2011, and was my personal favourite. I can see why the judges didn't agree because it's not technically perfect, but I just feel like it has heaps of personality and tells a fantastic story with the Snapper and the Kingfish almost holding fins and looking straight at the camera. Taken at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay.

Best friends. The Snapper and the Kingfish. Julian Rocks, Byron Bay. Photo: Ryan Pearson

I could probably go on for quite some time with this, but I'll just add one more for now. It's one of my favourites because it includes a little sea-spider which I've been told is actually undescribed. My first species! The funny thing is, when taking the shot I was so focused on the two nudibranchs that I didn't even see him there until I was processing the photo afterwards. Taken at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay.
Two Black-Margined Glossodoris Nudibranchs (Glossodoris atromarginata) and an undescribed sea-spider. Photo: Ryan Pearson

That's all for now. Back to my studies.

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