Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Malapascua Island: Dive 6 - Monad Shoal and the Thresher Sharks

My first Thresher Shark. Photo: Ryan Pearson

By Ryan Pearson
WOW! We got one! A thresher at last! Our 4am wake up paid off this morning with warm clear water, and a thresher shark virtually as soon as we descended. Unfortunately, the rules don't allow for any artificial light source on the shark dives, and being a dawn dive it's very hard to take photos... but I got a couple of them.

This guy circled us for a few minutes occasionally coming in very close before disappearing down into the darkness. For the rest of the dive we were teased with glimpes and hints of the sharks, but had no other close encounters. It didn't matter because the first one was magical! At one point I was sure he was scoping out my wide angle dome port and thinking "What is this thing with bigger eyes than me?"
Thresher Shark face! Photo: Ryan Pearson
On the surface we were even treated to an aerial display with one of the sharks performing full body breaches. Amazing! #stoked :D 

Thanks Thresher Shark Divers!

Thresher Shark being cleaned. Photo: Ryan Pearson

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