Monday, 9 July 2012

Malapascua Island: Dive 2 - The Night at Bool

The tiniest squid I've ever seen. Yes, it's sitting in regular sand and those are the grains you can see! Photo: Ryan Pearson

By Ryan Pearson
Dive two at Malapascua Island with Thresher Shark Divers was a night dive at the site known as Bool. Amazing! I saw 4 kinds of cephalapod: a squid, a small cuttlefish, a small octopus, and a tiny tiny tiny bobtail squid... but I only managed to capture a decent image of the smallest of them all (above). This was another critter dive and we saw our second sea snake in two dives. Below are some pics, enjoy.

This 'snail' kept hopping at me! What the hell? Photo: Ryan Pearson

This is what was behind the eyes you see above... a decorator crab. Incredibly hard to photograph. Photo: Ryan Pearson

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