Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sundive Photo Comp 2012: Blog Diary

An anemone shot with only my dive light as illumination. Photo: Ryan Pearson
So... today wasn't the best day of my underwater photography career. What's that saying/law? Murphy's law? Anything that can go wrong, will make you cough up a lung and prevent your camera from working... yeah that sounds about right.

Today was the first day of shooting for the Sundive Underwater Photo Shootout 2012. A great event that any underwater photographer/enthusiast should be a part of... but today was far from ideal. First, I awoke with a teensy bit of a hangover and with the goal of setting up my camera and housing for a day of macro shooting. Pretty soon I realised that my strobe was misfiring and every single shot I took came out completely black... poo.

I decided that the only way to salvage this situation was by trying to shoot some video on my camera - which has no autofocus in video mode - for almost the first time ever. So... I went for the dive to find 6m vis, and massive surge which made it impossible to shoot video using manual focus. Now, I had my high powered dive light with me, so I tried setting that up and taking a couple of pics... but the surge tried to sweep it away as well so that wasn't particularly successful either. Not to mention that I saw pretty much nothing worth taking a photo of.

Underwater fire. Photo: Ryan Pearson
To top it off, as the dive progressed, my tiny little annoying cough that I've had throughout the week decided to become a gigantic, demonic, lung breaking, vein popping bark. So I surfaced, feeling rubbish, coughing up a lung, and just generally not happy.

The two pics you see in this blog are basically the only ones I took on the entire dive... no critters, just empty anemones.
/ whinge

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