Monday, 15 April 2013

Griffith Uni Dive Club and the Amazing Solitary Islands

One of many grey nurse sharks in front of the amazing Manta Arch.
By Ryan Pearson
This past weekend myself and 7 other lucky divers ventured a few hours south to Coffs Harbour to dive the Solitary Islands with Banana Coast Divers and boy were we in for a treat! The swell forecast was ominous for both days, but that didn't stop us jumping on the boat and heading out. It did prevent us from getting out to South Solitary Island on the first day, so we found ourselves diving at Split Solitary. The second day we got to South Solitary and were treated to one of the nicest days on and under the water anyone could hope for. Here's some pics from the trip.

Grey Nurse Shark inside Manta Arch at South Solitary Island
This trip had a little bit of everything, from amazing feats of strength (like Scuba Cub (Ben Murray) carrying Scuba Hipster (Vics Baynham) >2km up from the hostel all the way up Muttonbird Island), to feats of mental toughness (like Scuba Hipster desperately trying to avoid being sick with a hangover on the boat). But above all else we had 4 completely different dives from my first experience in a massive kelp forrest, to 30m vis and at least 15 beautiful Grey Nurse sharks at South Solitary (including some super cute juveniles!). 

Mark and Nikki from Banana Coast divers were great, and everyone had an amazing time - they are well worth checking out next time you're in Coffs Harbour and definitely cannot be beaten on price! Thanks a lot guys, we can't wait to come back!

And another Grey Nurse Shark inside Manta Arch

...and more grey nurse sharks.

...and even more grey nurse sharks!
A wobbegong at Split Solitary

Some of the dive crew watching a shark cruise by

Old Wife outside Manta Arch

Grey Nurse in front of Manta Arch
A numb ray underneath the massive kelp bed at Split Solitary

Grey Nurse outside Manta Arch

A green turtle swims amongst the millions of fish on the western side of South Solitary Island

Large schools of bullseyes at South Solitary
Scuba Cub (Ben Murray) checks out a couple of species of echinoderms holding onto each other in the kelp beds at Split Solitary.
And here is an absolutely epic video by Ben Murray (pictured) that shows just how amazing the life and underwater structure were on this trip.

One of many Black Cods and big schools of Big eye trevally at South Solitary.
A wobbegong at Split Solitary.

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Anonymous said...

I have never dived with anyone as good as Nikki...seriously !!!!!!!!!!! am totally in a safe zone with her..amazing dive instructor...